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  • Setting up a Virtual Visit appointment

    • Call during office hours to schedule a virtual visit (limited availability)

    • At your appointment time, call our office to check-in.

      • Our Staff will verify your child’s information, pharmacy information, and collect any necessary fees/copayment/deductible that may apply.

      • You will then be routed to a nurse to begin the triage process.

        • Please have your child’s most recent weight and temperature ready to provide to our staff.

    • After completing the triage process, click on your physician’s link below to enter their virtual waiting room.

    • Be sure to enable your camera and microphone.

    • As soon as your physician is available, she will join you on the call.

    • Please be patient as our physicians' schedules are unpredictable.

    • Virtual visit with our physician.

    • If needed, our physician will send your child’s prescription directly to your pharmacy.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Does my child need to be an established patient of CyFair Pediatrics to have a Virtual Visit?

    your child must be an established patient at CyFair Pediatrics, and must have been evaluated by one of our physicians in the past 12 months.


  • What should I be aware of before my Virtual Visit?

    All of CyFair Pediatrics’ in-office policies apply to our telemedicine visits. This includes late policies and standards of conduct. 


  • Do I have to be in the state of Texas?

    You must be in the state of Texas to use our telemedicine services.


  • Will I be prescribed medicine through my Virtual Visit?

    Telemedicine visits do not guarantee that medications will be prescribed. Our physicians will send

    prescriptions if they deem it essential to treat your child’s illness.

  • If my it is concluded that my Virtual Visit isn't enough what will happen?

    Patient may be asked to schedule an in-office follow-up visit if it is deemed necessary

* Note on costs:  For uninsured or cash pay patients, we require a payment of $60 per patient per visit prior to a Virtual Visit.  For insured patients, most Medicaid and commercial insurances cover telemedicine visits in Texas. We will verify your insurance, and collect the necessary co-pay/deductible prior to your scheduled virtual appointment.


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