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Divorce, Separation & Custody Matters
  • We believe that such matters should not enter into a child's medical treatment. 

  • The individual accompanying the child, who is requesting the medical treatment, is responsible for payment of the medical bills. We are not a party to your divorce agreement, you are. We will collect co-pays and deductibles from the accompanying parent. 

  • "Joint Custody" means that each parent has equal access to the child's medical care records.  Without a court order, we will not stop either parent from having access to their child's chart, obtaining their child's test results, making an appointment or receiving advice. 

  • Subject to a court order to the contrary which has been provided to us, we will not call the absent parent for consent prior to treatment. 

  • We will discuss with the accompanying parent information pertinent to the child's history, present exam, and proposed treatment. 

  • We reserve the right to charge an administrative fee for copying records should the request become excessive. 

  • Should the Issues that come between parents become disruptive to our practice, we will consider discharging the patient from further treatment. 

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