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The Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act (HIPAA) was created by the United States Government in 1996 in order to establish privacy and security protections for health information. Please note the following: 

  • Information stored on computers at Kids First Urgent Care PLLC ( d/b/a Cy Fair Pediatrics) is encrypted.

  • Most email servers (e.g. Hotmail, GMAIL, Yahoo, etc.) do not utilize encrypted email.

  • When we send you an email or you send us an email, the information that is sent is not encrypted.  This means a third party may be able to access the information and read it since it is transmitted insecurely over the internet. In addition, once the email is received by you, someone may be able to access your email account and read it. 

  • Due to emails convenience and popularity the government provided guidance on email and HIPAA in the latest HIPAA Act. 

  • The guidelines state that if a patient has been made aware of the risks of unencrypted email, and if that same patient provides consent to receive health information via email (sometimes including protected health information); then a health care provider or entity may send that patient

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